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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hand Exercises - coming soon

I've been taking a variety of jewelry classes over the last month and I've really used my hands a lot. As a result, they've been sore and sometimes swollen. I'm assuming most of the problems with my hands are due to arthritis (maybe more than I already knew about).

My physician referred me to some hand therapists at the University of Florida and I have an appointment next week. I'll write about what I learn. I'm hoping for some general strengthening exercises (hand strength has been a long time issue) as well as techniques to avoid some of the problems I've encountered already.

I've discovered that the hand movements and exercises I did for years in Middle East dance are just terrific to relax the hands. We used them in the class I took with Louise and Don Coulson at Wildacres recently.

I will post some photos of my jewelry from the classes as well as the completed scarab shots as soon as possible.
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