Monday, November 9, 2009

Beads for Sale

I am clearing out some extra Czech beads from my personal bead stash.

I have a lot of Czech bugle beads (mostly #2 or #3 size, and some #5s, plus some inch long bugles), some Czech rocailles/seed beads (mostly #11), and some gunmetal E-beads (#6 rocailles). These beads are perfect for crafts, bead weaving, and other bead work.

Most of the beads are silver lined. Package sizes range from 2 - 3 oz to nearly a pound or so and I'm willing to break the larger bags into smaller ones on request.  There are a number of colors available, plus silver and gold.

E-mail me at diana at and I'll send you a complete list of what's available and all the prices.

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