Monday, May 21, 2012

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is lovely and very popular.   The wide variety of designs available mean that vintage pieces are interesting selections for many uses.   Many brides-to-be prefer vintage jewelry for their wedding accessories and as gifts for their attendants.

Lots of vintage earrings are either screwbacks or clip on style.   Screwback earrings are easily adjustable so comfort is never an issue.   You can't say the same for all clip style earrings.   This has inspired women who like the look of vintage earrings to find alternative uses for the clips. 

 If you haven't already discovered this one, clip earrings can make terrific shoe clips or clips for a dress or blouse neckline.  Earrings are perfect accents for hats, too.   Some styles could even work as hair ornaments!
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