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Monday, August 20, 2012

Indian Market Wrapup

I really enjoyed my first Indian Market in Santa Fe.  This year there were about 700 vendors and the tents stretched for blocks and blocks in the downtown area and around the plaza.   Going early is a bonus - parking is easy to find and the crowds don't develop until closer to noon - and everybody is fresh and eager to chat.

I spent quite a while at The Native Jackets shop where there were Navajo weaving demonstrations going on all day Saturday and Sunday.   The Navajo women who were weaving also demonstrated the step by step process involved in creating yarn from the sheared wool to the yarn for the loom.   All these women have been weaving for years and the techniques are passed down from mother to children.

One thing I'll do next year is to attend the Friday evening reception and awards ceremony.   It's a great opportunity to meet the artists and to see the award winning pieces up close.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Indian Market

I'm looking forward to my first Indian Market this weekend here in Santa Fe.   We've had a number of rainy evenings recently.  It's dinner time now and again it's clouding up.  We wandered through downtown today - all the tents are set up for Indian Market and there are a lot of them!   I hope they don't have rain.

There have been a number of receptions and demos at various galleries this week.   I met some pottery artists at one gallery this afternoon and watched a glass blowing demonstration at another gallery. I grew up in northern Virginia and went to a lot of the art glass manufacturers in West Virginia as a child.   I could watch glass workers all day long.  I've been saddened to see those independent art glass companies vanish one by one.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Rag Rug Festival in Santa Fe

I visited a really interesting show today.   The Rag Rug Festival is an annual event here in Santa Fe. The event is underwritten by the New Mexico Women's Foundation.   The Festival is held in several locations in New Mexico and was established  to help women sell their crafts and other artistic products.

The show featured a number of artists cooperatives in New Mexico and a sampling of their members.  Among the participating groups is the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center in Espanola, where I am a member.   I'm excited to be here in Santa Fe where I can finally participate in activities and classes with the group.  

A large variety of skills and products were on display today:   basketry, bead weaving, fiber weaving (beautiful shawls, coats, and other garments), jewelry, hand spun and dyed yarns, and much, much more.

I look forward to attending again next summer and hopefully to also participating as an artist.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I published a link to an article about security on Google and gmail earlier.

I added the 2-step verification process mentioned in the article to my Gmail account.   After this change, I was surprised that discover that Outlook and gmail on my iPad would not work.   A dialogue box kept telling me that my email or pw was incorrect. 

Revelation - As it turns out, you have to make a batch of changes to third party clients or your links to them will be blocked.  After about an hour, I figured it all out.   Google sends you an email about this, but it won’t reach your email client (Outlook for example) – you will have to go to gmail in to see it.

You can reverse the process, which I did, or you can add more to your existing PW.   Comment if you think that Google should tell you all about this before your make your changes!

Don't Get Hacked!

This link takes you to an article about the recent experience of a Wired journalist whose life has been upended by the hacking of some of his online accounts.   This is a must read article!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Stayin' Alive from UTube

A friend sent me this link to 1930s - 1960s era dancers set to Stayin' Alive.   You've got to watch it - it is simply wonderful!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back Again

The computer is finally fixed, I hope, and back home again.  In the interim, I've been extremely thankful to have my iPad2!   I've also been enjoying settling into a new home.  It's a great place to observe and enjoy a variety of birds, so I've been acquiring bird feeders and poles to hang them from. 

I love hummingbirds and there are a lot of hummers around here.   At the house the dominant species seems to be the Rufus hummingbird - a feisty critter if there ever was one.  They claim the feeder(s) and won't let other hummers near it. 

We also have chickadees, tufted titmice, house finches, blue jays, tohees, and other birds.   I've been looking at what kinds of feed and feeders I might need since some of these birds are ground feeders and others like feeders of different kinds.   We also have a chorus of 3 chipmunks to complete our menagerie.  I'm sure I'll see more as time goes by.

At any rate, I'm happy to be back on line.   I tweeted so much this morning that Twitter told me I couldn't tweet again for an hour!  Never did that before.   At any rate, I'm glad to be back.   I'll have more new listings on Etsy and on asap!!