Sunday, September 29, 2013

Help Me Decide

I've been asked about the large cross I often wear.  This cross appears on my business cards and I also use it in a lot of my advertising.   Since that cross is a large piece, I am working on designs for several smaller crosses.

Here are photos of three styles I completed recently, plus the original.   The one with the matching bail is about one inch high and the silver cross  is a bit over two inches high.   The patinated cross with gold weaving is a little under 2 inches. 
Help me decide which styles to make for my new collection of crosses - what's your favorite style:
the traditional cross with long center arm and a shorter crossbar or a cross with all 4 arms the same length?   Do you like stones in all 4 arms and the center, just the center, or what?  Do you like the addition of a bail?

Please leave me comments or send me an email at diana at dianakirkpatrick dot com

All of these crosses will be custom orders – you choose the size and shape, the metal (karat gold or silver or a combination) and the stones – gemstones, cubic zirconia, etc.  

I’ll provide some sketches and we’ll discuss gems to use.   After that you’ll get a final sketch and an estimate.
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